Alea - multidisciplinary center. - Link..
Yummy - App made for control room center. - Link..
Ukulala app
Ukulala app - Application created specifically for people who play the ukulele. - Link..
Barrio CMS
Barrio CMS - Content manager without the need for a database. - Link..
Markdroids - This is a Markdown editor I made on the website. - Link..
Beatrizlogopeda - This is the website of a very good speech therapist friend who is an expert in voice rehabilitation. - Link..
DavidKarro - This is the website of a good friend who creates amazing music. - Link..
- Circus/live arts creation and training center located in La Coruña. - Link..
Colectivo T.o.X.o
Colectivo T.o.X.o - Web of the collective in which he participates creating the music. - Link..
Netgaliciaradio - This is the website of an online radio and offers 24 hours. - Link..
Markdown Api
Markdown Api - Generator of an Api from a file in Markdown format. - Link..
Mdb blocks
Mdb blocks - Block editor with Shortcodes and Markdown. - Link..
Markdroids 2
Markdroids 2 - New lighter and simpler option but just as effective. - Link..
Symbol - A character browser in HTML. - Link..
AntCMS - Alternative to Barrio CMS without Markdown or Shortcodes. - Link..